Workshops for children

Käsikirja Book of Hands
How we use hands to draw, to dance, to create shadow theater. How we shake hands with a new person and hold the hand of a friend in need. The political meaning and that the boundaries of our bodies.
Pressi children's cultural center, Vantaa
Supported by the Arts Promotion Center Finland
Created by:
Vera Lapitskaya
Tetiana Makhova
Anastasia Artemeva
Anna Anisimova

Multidisciplinary participatory cultural project for children and their families living in Espoo with a focus on Russian language. The two-month (October December 2021) series combined literature, figure skating and textile art. It was implemented in collaboration with the Russian Library in Finland and Sello Library and will include five textile workshops and a figure skating performance.

The workshops took place in Sello library for three consecutive Saturdays. Some workshops were held on sign-up bases and some were free for all the library visitors to participate. Overall more than 60 people participated in the six workshops, this includes families with children of different ages and adults who wanted to learn how to work with fabric. We spoke Russian, Finnish, English and Arabic.

The children who made the costumes during the workshops were then invited to the open disco on ice which took place after the performance.

The performance was scripted and choreographed by Varvara Shumuva and narrated in RUssian and Finnish languages by Katia Skylar. The stage design was made by Anastasia Artemeva.

            From Stories to Art workshops, International School of Helsinki, 2015, with Arlene Tucker

Invisible Neighbours, Esitystaiteen Keskus, 2015, with Annika Niskanen

I express my deep gratitude to the head of the PRISON SPACE organization Anastasia Artemeva for the rich and fruitful program. Her high professional level and relevance of the topics proposed. I can say with confidence that the meeting met my expectations. Thank you for hosting such an event. It was very nice to meet and exchange experiences. The master class was top notch! Clear, intelligible ... super!

- Prutova Nadezhda (specialist in rehabilitation work in the social sector, State institution of the Moscow region “Electroslat Social and rehabilitation center for minors “Confidence”, feedback about a Free Translation Session, with children 12-16 y.o., October 2019)

Free Translation Workshop, with Sasha Graff, Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, November 2019

Let It Out workshop, with Arlene Tucker and Sonny Nyman, Culturafest, November 2017, Helsinki

Fabric book making workshop, Venäjän tiede- ja kuttuurikeskus, Helsinki, July 2017

Invisible Neighbours workshops in Helsinki prison and Esitystaiteenkeskus performance art center, Helsinki, 2015.