Résumé - Anastasia Artemeva

Higher Education

- Aalto University, Master's Degree in Visual Culture and Contemporary Art, 2016
- Limerick School of Art and Design, BA (Hons) Sculpture and Combined Media, 2012

Additional Education

- Car Mechanic,
Ajoneuvoalan perustutkinto, Stadin AO, Helsinki - currently studying
- Dialogue cards facilitator certification,
Arts promotion center Finland & Culture for All, 2023
- Diversity Agent Course, Culture for All Service, Globe Art Point, Center for Culture Policy Research Cupore, Helsinki, 2019
- Introductory Course on Human Rights,
International School of Human Rights and Civic Action, Sakharov Center, Moscow, 2016
- Certificate in Criminal Law,
Limerick College of Further Education, Limerick, 2013

Current Projects

Recreation - artistic work with fabrics and spaces of confinement & rest.
Prison Outside - artistic research project focused on imprisonment, justice, and the role of the arts  in facilitating rehabilitation and overcoming stigmatisation

Selected group exhibitions & events

2023 Yö Fest, Yö Galleria, Helsinki
2022 Yö Kekri arts festival, Yö Galleria, Helsinki
2022 Free Translation Workshop, Villa Eläintarha, Helsinki
2022 Free Translation Workshop, Mikkelin Kriisikeskus, Mikkeli, FInland 
2021 On the Same Page, performative workshop, MAD HOUSE Helsinki 
2021 Continued overleaft, workshop, Seinäjoen Taidehalli
2021 Burn_, Pixelache Festival, Oodi Library Helsinki
2021 HIAP Suomenlinna Residency Open Studios
2020 Quantum Critic, Art School Masters, St. Petersburg, curated by Natalia Alekseeva, Ramiro Camelo, Timo Tuhkanen
2020 Quantum Critic, Myymälä 2, curated by Natalia Alekseeva, Ramiro Camelo, Timo Tuhkanen
2019 Performance Night, Museum of Impossible Forms, Helsinki
2018 Joutokumpu, Finlayson Area, Tampere, curated by Annika Niskanen
2017 Poikkeustila:Martial Law, Maunula, Helsinki
2017 Pixelache Festival, Suvilahti, Helsinki.
2016 3rd International Casablanca Biennale of Contemporary Art, Morocco.
2015 Invisible Neighbours with Annika Niskanen, Esitystaiteen Keskus Performance Art Centre, and Helsinki prison.
2015 Performanssifiesta, Hirvitalo & Mahdollisuuksien tila, Tampere, Finland
2015 Urban Fishing, Elävä Pori Toimisto, Pori, Finland
2015 Current State, Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki
2015 The Plane Invasion, the Church Gallery, Limerick, Ireland
2015 Frozen Species, Hakaniemi and Esitytaiteen Keskus Performance Art Centre, Helsinki
2015 LUX Helsinki Light Festival, Topelia, Helsinki
2014 - 2015 Katiska & The map service of Kalasatama urban participation workshop, building a playground in the wasteland with a community of residents Working groups: Artemeva-Bergström-Niskanen & Niemistö-Niskanen Artemeva, Esitystaiteen Keskus, Kattilahalli and Kalasatama residents
2014 Hospital Shop Window Festival, Hospital, Ireland
2014 The Last Lingonberry, Kivinokka, Helsinki
2014 DARK MATTER or Optimism as a Strategy, with Ormston House at Supermarket, Stockholm
2014 LUX Helsinki Light Festival, Hesperian Puisto, Helsinki
2013 Lorg Presents, curated by Alicia Lydon, the Shed, Galway, Ireland
2012 Gracelands. Circling the Square, curated by Vaari Claffey, EVA International Biennial of Visual Art, curated by Annie Fletcher, Limerick, Ireland
2012 The Future is Now, Graduate Show, Limerick School of Art and Design, Ireland
2012 CatDig, curated by Lotte Bender, Limerick, Ireland
2012 LSAD Open Drawing Awards, curated by Siobhan Piercy, LSAD Church Gallery, Limerick, Ireland
2011 Anti Racism Network, the Back Loft, La Cathedral studios, Dublin, Ireland
2011 Living Place, Faber studios, Limerick, Ireland
2011 Unlikely Event, Like studios, Limerick, Ireland
2011 Art in the Making: The thin line between art and documentary,
The Guest House, Cork, Ireland
2011 The Double Life of Catherine Street, CatDig, with Tracy Fahey and LSAD students, Limerick, Ireland
2011 Millipede , Occupy Space, Limerick, Ireland
2011 Vitiate, Old Franciscan Church, Limerick, Ireland
2011 DRY, the Loft, Limerick, Ireland
2011 My Limerick, Hunt Museum, Limerick, Ireland
2010 Mamuska Le Cat Salons, the Loft, Dublin, Ireland
2010 Table of Contents, LSAD Gallery, Limerick. Ireland
2010 Student Art Awards, Royal Dublin Society, Dublin, Ireland
2010 Confused, the Stix, Limerick, Ireland
2010 The Grey Cabinet, LSAD Gallery, Limerick, Ireland

Personal and collaborative exhibitions & events

2017 Mökki/Дача with Liisa Ahlfors, Galleria Huuto, Helsinki
2017 Sentences, Galleria Lapinlahti, Helsinki
2017 Birthday, solo performance by Mikkö Niemistö, sound design by Johannes Vartola
2017 Leviathan with Steve Maher, Galleria Oksasenkatu 11, Helsinki
2016 Invisible in Seven Days, with Annika Niskanen, Kallio Kunstahalle, Helsinki
2015-2017 Dear You project with Arlene Tucker and various schools in Helsinki and abroad
2015 Nocturne, Third Space, Helsinki


2023 Mustarinda art residency, Finland
2023 ORES, Örö, Finland
2021 Connecting Points, Helsinki International Artist Programm HIAP, Suomenlinna, Finland
2021 (Postponed 2023) Arts Initiative Tokyo, Japan, supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation
2017 M-Cult, Helsinki, Finland
2012 Faber Studios Residency Award, Limerick, Ireland
2011 Like Studio, Limerick, Ireland


Тюремный проект художницы Анастасии Артемьевой строит мосты между людьми с разным жизненным багажом, Anna Mattila, YLE Novosti, 28.8.2021
Беседка с акцентом на тюрьмах и визуальном искусстве,
Катя и Варя, podcast supported by Russian language library of Finland, summer, 2021 линк
Quantum Critic, curators Natalia Alekseeva, Ramiro Camelo, Timo Tuhkanen, Exhibition Catalog, 2021
Interrupting space, Hannah Horten, DIY-Helsinki 28.12.2020 link
Камерное искусство: как арт-программы помогают заключенным по всему миру, Наталья Зонова, Нож, Декабрь 2020 /Chamber art: how art programs help prisoners around the world, Natalya Zonova, Knife Media, December 2020 link
Using art to build bridges between people living in prison and people outside, Wemakemoneynotart.com, Regine, 1.6.2018 link
These Animals Goes Limerick, Chris Hayes, Limerick Leader, December 27, 2015
After the Future 2012 Eva International Biennial Catalogue, May 2013
Great Expectations, Mary Conlon, Gerry Walker,  Irish Arts Review, Autumn 2012
Exit Limerick Review Special, Pippa Little and Paul Sullivan, EVA International Biennial of Visual Art, Limerick Leader, Saturday June 16, 2012
The Future Is Now, Graduate exhibition Catalogue, 2012

Presentations & Lectures

2023-24 Diversity Clinic & Dialogue Cards facilitation, with Culture for All & TAIKE,
various institutions in Finland and abroad. 
2022 Gathering for Rehearsing Hospitalities, Frame Finland, 5–8 October, 202 Helsinki, Finland
2022 Prison Outside Get Together, online, event for collaborators of Prison Outside
2022 GAP Summit, Diversity Clinic educator, Globe Art Point
2022 Diversity Agent Course, Culture for All Service, Globe Art Point, Center for Culture Policy Research Cupore, Helsinki, advisor
2021 Free Transaltion: Workshop for professionals, online
2021 Update, workshop on cultural diversity, with Tatian Solovieva, Agents of Change: Mediating Minorities course, Cultura Foundation link
2020 VI Abramkin Prison Conference, Center for Prison Reform, May 21, 2020, Moscow, Russia
2020 Artist in Society course, guest speaker, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts
2019 16th ETMU Conference, University of Tampere Finland
2019 Free Translation art exchange methods, State institution of the Moscow region
“Electrostal Social and rehabilitation center for minors “Confidence”, Electrostal, Russia
2019 Free Translation art exchange methods Moscow State University of Psychology and Education
2018 Prison Outside #2 Conference, PUBLICS, Helsinki, 21. November 2018
2018 Free Translation art exchange methods Moscow State University of Psychology and Education
2018 Free Translation art exchange methods Kaluga Regional Government Hall, Kaluga, Russia
2018 Taidekoulu MAA, MAA Kulma, Helsinki Art Museum HAM
2018 Practice and Power, Create and the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP), June 21.-23.2018, Dublin, Ireland.
2017 Matroshka Dating, CulturaFest, K-13, Helsinki
2016 Teatterikesä Festival, Teatteri Telakka, Tampere, Finland
2016 Nordic Summer University, Circle 7: Practicing Communities, Orivesi, Finland
2012 Limerick School of Art and Design, Limerick, Ireland

Art for children

2023 A story you can touch, with Arts Initiative Tokyo, workshops for children in Tokyo, Japan
2023 Käsikirja, workshops for multilingual children, with working group, Pessi, Vantaa
February -  May 2023 Monday Dreams - workshops for youth,City of Vantaa children’s cultural center & Tyttöjen Tila/ Girls’ space Nice hearts ry. 
September 2022 Kolibrí Festivaali,multilingual festival for families, Helsinki & Vantaa
February - May 2022 Mother and baby art mornings, KlubOk Russian culture center, Helsinki
October - December 2022 Крылатые Выражения/Words That Fly at "Cultural Marathon" program of the Russian-language library of Finland with Katya Skylar and Varvara Shumova
August - December 2021 After School activity educator, Lauttasaaren Ala-aste, Helsinki
March 2021 Kulttuurin moninaisuuden työpajoja koululaisille/Culture diversity workshops for young people in Central Finland. With Arlene Tucker, Maikki Kantola and Arts Promotion center Finland. 
October 2019 Free Translation, State institution of the Moscow region
“Electrostal Social and rehabilitation center for minors “Confidence”, Electrostal, Russia
October 2018 Free Translation, With Arlene Tucker Kaluga Government Hall, Kaluga, Russia
2017 Idässä Versoo with writer Lauri Niskanen and Cultural Center Stoa and groups in Eastern Helsinki
2017 Dear You: A Live Act, Helsinki, Finland. 3 day program at Ilmifestivaali, which included a school workshop, non-stop workshop, and interactive performance. Teatteri ILMI Ö. 13-14.10.201
2017 Fabric book making workshops, Venäjän tiede- ja kuttuurikeskus, Helsinki
2016-2017 Afterschool art club, International School of Helsinki
2016 From Stories to Art, with Arlene Tucker, International School of Helsinki


Selected artist for illustration of The art for the dialogue cards on cultural diversity and sustainable development, the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) and the Ministry of Education and Culture, 2022.
Artemeva A., Cowan, M., Orlov I., ed., Shy Plumber: A Journal of Art and Anti-Art. Helsinki, Berlin, 2020 (ISSN 2736-8203)
Artemeva A., Tucker, A: Dear You: Shared Spheres in Creative Spaces, Abstract, SPECIAL ISSUE InSEA Congress 2018: Scientific and Social Interventions in Art Education
Artemeva, Anastasia and Arlene Tucker 2019. “Process as the medium for socially engaged art.” In: IMAG#7, ed. Ângela Saldanha, Bernadette Thomas and Teresa Torres de Eça. InSEA: International Society for Education through Art, pp. 4-10.
Artemeva, Anastasia, Deep Inside Moscow, Visual Artists News sheet, September 2016.
Artemeva A. Prisons and Presence. Process-based artistic research. Master’s thesis, Aalto University, Department of Art anf Design. 2016.
Artemeva A, This Page is About to Expire, Particular Future Scenarios, the Speculative Society #1, 2012
Artemeva A, Entitled, Paper Visual Art Limerick Edition, Summer 2012
Artemeva A, Страсть, 21 Proposals for the Turbine Hall, Road Books, 2011
Artemeva A, Stir It Up LSAD Magazine, May 2011

Curatorial work

2020 #Burn_ Festival, Pixelache Festival 2021, Oodi Library, Helsinki
2016 World Village Festival Maailma Kylässä & Catalysti Association of Transcultural Artists ry
2015 Gaming the System, with Pixelache Festival and Taidelinja HKL Helsinki, Finland
2013 TomCat, urban festival in collaboration with artists and local businesses, Limerick