Are you an artist who wants to cooperate with the public sector?

Meeting in the Middle is a professional forum on artistic collaborations with communities outside of art field.

As the definition of art is expanding, new forms of creative practices have developed to include artistic research, interaction with communities and multidisciplinary dialogue. Collaborations between public institutions and creative practitioners, be it in a form of a socially-engaged projects, artwork commissions, the use of public space or social research, have established a solid presence by now. However, an opportunity to carry out a first-hand research, plan and gain insight from a professional experienced in the field is sometimes unavailable, often simply for the lack of time and contact between the artist and the group of interest. Often artists find themselves planning a public project without engaging with the audience or collaborators, relying purely on theoretical research.

Meeting in the Middle is a professional forum for artists and non-artists who want to collaborate on production of creative projects. The intention of the event is to open up the discourse on public art beyond artistic circles and encourage cooperation between artists and professionals of other fields. A broad range of activities, from planning a community art workshop to presenting a completed artistic work in a waiting room is encouraged. Together we will discuss projects, listen to each other’s ideas and address the desires of particular audiences and specifics of public places. After the networking session, a series of talks, addressing such information as funding, employment and commissioned work will take place. The specific focus of the day is on the role of interculturalism and multilingual collaborations and working relationship between international artists and Finnish public sector. Our intention is to provide possibilities to meet professionals from schools, kindergartens, libraries, hospitals, prisons, refuge centres and multicultural centres, tax office and social insurance institution.

If you are looking for a collaborator, please get in touch via anastasia.artemeva(at) and we will connect you with interested professionals.