Fabric Sketchbooks 

ongoing project 

Shaped like school exercises copy books, the objects are made from recycled fabric. Observational and made up images are embroidered on the the pages. The process draws from sketching, but due to the technique considers time and space, and the opportunity to unravel a mistake and start all over. What is left of sewing? These books are made of cut offs, fabric that remains when the pieces of a garment is cut from it. 

I use these sketchbooks especially when traveling or camping and for this reason I look for ways to create lightweight, compact sets to take with me. I reappropriate old tins and cans and plastic bags, and use camping equipment as tools. I am constantly in the process of developing a kit, a set of materials and tools that I carry with me. The use of a variety of shapes and textures draw from open-ended toys and games for children, including the techniques and the aesthetics of Waldorf toys. Hand dyed using natural materials found at home like coffee and tea and frozen berries and beets leftover from dying Easter eggs. I use recycled materials like leftover fabric and packaging material. The fabrics and other materials that the books are made from allow for them to be washed and ironed.